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AttractionNaction Family Of Products, COB ,Company Of Balance By helping us help people help the planet we help people have a better future and our story never ends by doing so.

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Edward Heffner-Founder
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Maryse Hamel-Co-Founder
GotGreenNotGreed LLC
AttractionNaction LLC

Our missions are more important than our products. I have been gifted to have Mary as my partner in this journey 
Journey Of Yay
To not only provide clean drinking water but seeds for food.To not only provide schooling but education of the natural ways of healing through American Indian herbs 
To provide earth friendly transportation to schoolhouses by way of horse and buggy 
To not kill horses because they can no longer be used for racing but give them a purpose as well.To help save the rain forest with all its beneficial plants to mankind 
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In a world of change ONE thing 
Make Green while Being Green 
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Edward Heffner-Founder
Maryse Hamel-Co-Founder
GotGreenNotGreed LLC
AttractionNaction LLC

We have the technology
We have the technology
The GWiz Genie with UVC LED and OZONE Screw-On Head
Sterilize that bathroom 
The GWiz Genie with Colloidal Copper Screw-On Head
Wash that mask with colloidal copper
The GWiz Genie Facial Module
NASA research proven Skin Improvement
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alan@green2gold.org at Green2gold.org
Building Businesses by planting trees
Giving Jobs and a Better Life
Green Practical Solutions
Our new Drone Batteryless PowerPacks using earth friendly graphene and parallel recharging for super fast charging of our Super Super capacitors.

Our Story

Who would have thought that meeting a girl on Wizard101 would lead to helping so many.

Mary actually gave birth to this company.She got me on Facebook.Where I met a guy that was starting a company called KulaBrands.He helped me get my first patent.She has been the only one to inspire me to do great work.

Many of my inventions have her name in the product name.Without her coming into my life.The many lives that will be saved through our humanitarian work would not come to be. 

One girl has made all the difference in the world .

The world will be a better place due to her being born.Her greatness makes me great.

I know as the company grows she will be filled with great joy by helping so many.

For that joy is the greatest emotion that any human could ever feel .

And her happiness is mine .

A company not born of greed but of giving hope .

Of seeing heads down when we arrive at a small village.

And smiles and waving hands when we leave.

For who can say, that someone in that small village, may someday, do greater works and Pay It Forward .

All due to Mary


Capitalism has served us well over the last 250 years, but it has become untenable in its present form. It needs radical change.
The Tech Revolution is being followed by the Impact Revolution, which springs from the simple idea that we can overturn capitalism’s single-minded focus on profit to deliver profit and social impact simultaneously, redirecting vast flows of money to improve the world.
By combining profit and impact, we fundamentally change the nature of our system, so that it is no longer acceptable to say, ‘I’m just in business to make money’.
Our collective mindset has already started to shift in favor of impact.
Investors and businesses are becoming socially and environmentally conscious.
Impact entrepreneurs are beginning to gain access to the capital they need to bring brilliant, life-improving ideas to scale.

Where It All Began A Time Warp
The beginning of a different kind of magic that neither of us Mary and me could ever had imagined to be a company of great good and many missions that far exceeds the joy of any game It is no longer the magic in the game but the magic in us to help and bring much magic to so many.

Please help us move forward to do so much good everywhere

Our 3 Love Missions
  • Blue to supply clean drinking water by drilling solar powered water wells
  • Red to build small Amish type schoolhouses to educate and provide a better life
  • Green to protect the beneficial plants to mankind and the amazing animals of the rain forest by buying acreage
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Michael Weinstein Our Chief Of Innovation

The Future Of Connectivity

Our AttractionNaction Family of Products speaks our technology GetGreenNotGreed speaks our philosophy
We do not design for the dump
Innovation starts with IN(Within)
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